Who We Are

About GCSAGCSA Capital LLC (“GCSA” or the “Company”) is a specialized underwriter and program sponsor of collateral, liquidity, and risk-transfer products for financial institutions and Financial Market Infrastructure (FMI). GCSA’s team includes the former Chief Executive of LCH.Clearnet, the former Chairman of the CFTC’s Global Markets Advisory Committee, as well as other expertise across capital markets and insurance.

GCSA provides its clients with customized solutions that are cost-effective and provide diversification of liquidity, loss absorption, or both.

Our Mission

Our mission and business focus is to provide collateral, liquidity, and risk-transfer solutions for FMIs and market participants and to strengthen the financial integrity of the markets they serve, while fostering greater financial stability. We seek to accomplish this by reducing contagion risks in times of severe market dislocation while providing cost effective solutions.

Our people have over 100 years of experience across clearing, insurance, and capital markets. We draw upon a wealth of expertise in the capital markets, over-the-counter derivatives and exchanges, risk management, and insurance.

Working across insurance and capital markets enables us to find an array of collateral, liquidity, and risk-transfer solutions to suit each client’s individual needs.

GCSA collaborates with clients including central counterparties, banks, FCMs, broker-dealers, and end-clients that are interested in transitioning to direct clearing.