globe pen moneyCollateral

GCSA’s alternative collateral products have been designed for use by clearing members for acceptance at clearinghouses to be used for house initial margin and guaranty fund contributions

GCSA’s alternative collateral products are both cost-effect and balance sheet efficient for clearing members and can accommodate flexible maturities

GCSA’s alternative collateral products are fully prefunded and central counterparties (CCPs) have immediate access to the collateral in crisis

At conferenceLiquidity

GCSA sponsors alternative liquidity facilities for clearinghouses that can be used as an alternative to traditional credit lines offered by banks that also have bank affiliate clearing membership, thus reducing potential wrong-way risk

GCSA’s liquidity facility product is cost-effective and offers a range of maturities to best suit the needs of clearinghouses


GCSA provides underwriting, risk management, and customized policy templates for risk-transfer products related to clearinghouse default waterfalls

GCSA has capacity relationships with the largest global insurance companies (the “GCSA Consortium”)

COCO Insurance™ is a pre-funded insurance mechanism designed by GCSA to meet regulatory standards for CCPs

GCSA has developed robust policy forms to meet the needs of both insurers and the clearing industry